Xoom is a  leading digital online global money transfer service provider. You can have the online access to, use the service through login to their website. It is very helpful for you while you are in a tour and need money. now the service is operating in almost 30 or more popular countries and trying hard to enhance the scope of the services.

Great for:

  • Better exchange rate as compared to other banks and financial institutions.
  • Personal service and advice through mobile with support staff.
  • Full authorisation and regulation.
  • The best inexpensive fee with No hidden charges.

Its first year successful completion of the international money transfer service reports an approximately $6.5 billion transfer of more than 1.2 million active customers.

Now you will get the benefit of fast, secured and cost-effective way of sending money and making bills payment around the world sitting at the comfort of your place. The fees and charges are reasonable and you won’t get any hidden charges. It is the most inexpensive way to pay the bills of your dear ones staying far from them.

Sending money to the friends and family locating at a different country with so much ease now made possible.

The Money Transfer services believes in:

  • Locking the exchange rate at the date of booking before the actual payment.
  • Serving its customer for 24/7.
  • No limit for maximum amount transfer.
  • Quick currency transfers with better exchange rates than other banks.
  • Very clear and transparent transfer fees.

The recipient of the money do not necessarily required an internet connection or  a specific bank account in regard to this. The money can be securely deposited into their debit card, credit card or bank account. The sender on the other hand can keep a track of the money movement through a device like computer, tab or mobile through text updates, online access or email notifications.