Drinking and smoking are the ways of enjoying parties in Paris. But there is no fun when it comes to extreme indulgence of alcohol drinks in a habitual manner. It may cause many health issues disturbing the basic function of body in terms of intake, storage, absorption and metabolism of many various other nutrients. Many scientific research advocates that chronic alcohol intake in a continuous manner results in acute deficiency of the bodily nutrients such as Vitamin A, Folate, and Calcium.

Vitamin A:

It is the significant vitamin which plays an important role plays in the maintenance of the immune system, body growth and development as well as improves vision. Excessive intake of Alcohol interferes with the mechanism causing a disturbance in the process of storage, absorption and metabolism of Vitamin A, while the person feels the symptom of Vitamin A deficiency signs like burning, itching and inflammation in the eyelids. Additional symptom has been seen such as night blindness as well as changes in vision.


It is the other name of Folic Acid or Vitamin B9. It is significantly necessary for some essential bodily functions such as DNA synthesis, cell division, and cell repair and cell growth. Alcohol interferes in the smooth functioning of bodily absorption of Folate and results in few deficiency Symptoms such as light-headedness, fatigue in spite of having sufficient rest, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, loss of appetite and being quick to anger.


Due to urinary excretion, a shortage of calcium is found in most of the heavy drinkers. The role of Calcium for the body is to build bone health, transmission of electrochemical messages all the way through the nervous system as well as contraction and expansion of muscle. Acute Calcium deficiency may lead to Osteoporosis, while other signs of deficiency are weak and decaying teeth, dry skin, cramps and muscle aches, kidney stones and brittle nails.