Paris people are fashionable. They are advanced and open to all the culture of modern world. They prefer parties and nightlife. They smoke. They drink.

However, too much consumption of alcohol, intake of any kind of drugs and smoking, are really hazardous to your health. It can cause serious medical issues like heart disease, cancer, stroke, gum disease. Many suffer from the problem of eye diseases which can lead to complete blindness. Quitting smoking while pregnant is a safe way. The babies of the women, who smoke, breathe the dangerous toxins from the very early age which cause devastating medical problems like breathing issues, learning disorders, asthma and cancer. So in short it is advisable for the expecting and new moms to  keep them away from the area where people smoke.

Each cigarette enhances the risks to your baby. So it is better to quit smoking during the period of lactation. The following are the hazards that you will get by smoking during the time of pregnancy.

Baby’s Birth Weight and size:

Research shows that intake of a pack of cigarette per day will reduce your baby’s birth-weight by the half pound. Thus smoking two pack daily will make your baby one pounds underweight. So the babies may be smaller at the time of birth.

Baby’s Body and lungs:

Underdeveloped or premature babies tend to have underdeveloped bodies. Their lungs cannot work with their own so they need extra medication for respiration. If the mother smoked during pregnancy then the child is open to the risk of asthma and SIDS (sudden infant d syndrome).


If the mother is smoking during the period of the first three months of the initial pregnancy, then there is more chances for the baby to have heart defects.

Many types of other issue like brain disorders are found in the babies of smoking mother during pregnancy. A child may suffer from learning disorders, behavioural problem etc. These are the lifelong issues with the child.