Numerous service providers are there who provides international money transfer service. So you can make your overseas transfer now through choosing any of the below listed service providers best suited to your requirement. Each one of them has their own terms and conditions with the authorised Payment Service regulations (Each service provider is provided with a web address).

1. Global Reach Partners

Global Reach Partners’ approach deals with 130 major and local currencies with highly competitive rates of exchange. Its prices are up to 5% less than the actual market rate. It does not charge any commission over the conversion fees and entertain bank transfers only. It works Monday to Friday8am to 6pm.

2. Halo Financial

Halo Financial offers an effective payment processing coupled with competitive exchange rates. It is an authorised and regulated by the FCA under the Payment Service regulations 2009.But it effects Bank to Bank transfers only with a Minimum Transfer of £250. It does not offer online transfer service.

3. HiFX

The company is one of the major international money transfer service providers authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. It offers highly competitive exchange rates with a minimum transfer limit of £50. It only deals with debit/credit cards and bank transfers but not cash.

4. World First

World First effects only Bank to Bank and card transfers while do not operate on Sundays. It is the award-winning service provider for transferring money overseas at a very cheaper, faster and easier way.

5. TransferWise

It has a maximum limit of £1,000,000 for transferring funds. Authorised & regulated by the FCA under the Payment Services regulations 2009. It does not entertain phone service.

6. PayPal

PayPal is one of the reputed oversea money transferring company. It provides Exchange rate only after confirming the transaction. It is Authorized & regulated by the FCA under the Payments services regulation: 2009. It has no minimum transfer amounts, the Fees apply only for currency conversions.