1 g of Food Grade sodium hyaluronate has the ability to hold 6000mL of water. The best examples of presence of Hyaloronic acid are nothing but the human skin. A great amount of this acid found human joints, skin,  body, etc. However it is kind of lubricating material for human body. It acts like a hydrate for moisturising tissues, help joint lubricate and tissues elasticity. A famous cuisine palatine in China and France named Chicken comb is rich in Food Grade sodium hyaluronate. Mostly, women of that region eat the food in order to get a beautiful skin. sodium hyaluronate has the great power to hold water in the body of human being. You can use and get health benefit of Food Grade product of sodium hyaluronate.

Food Grade sodium hyaluronate:

The oral consumption of Food Grade sodium hyaluronate for human comes in the form of tablet, health food, sachet and capsule. It is suitably used in various ordinary foods in normal course of life like beverage, and in confectioneries such as cookie, chocolate and toffee.

Other benefits of the supplement:

Ladies use it as a beauty ingredient, for the treating their skin shine. The application of Hyaluro-Pure with proper proportion of Collagen is good to keep the skin youthful. It has a great anti-ageing influence as well. After a single oral intake of Hyaluronic acid, you can experience it starts distributed through the skin and joints in the human body. So it is advisable to take correct doses of Hyaluronic acid as dietary supplements to get the benefits of joint health promises and anti-ageing solution.

Due to the high molecular weight the Food Grade sodium hyaluronate has a great water binding function which binds its water very sturdily. Apart from its 600 ml/g water binding capacity as an excellent natural moisturising factor, it has further great benefits of preventing skin from getting damage caused through the ageing process. Moreover it improves the overall appearance as well as tactile sensation of human skin. Adequate doses of the same helps in building the skin smooth.