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According to health experts using the modern electronic device such as tablet or computers, smart phones and laptops can bring you lots of mental as well as physical issues. This will bring ugly signs of frown lines, under eye bags, wrinkles and sagging skin to your appearance.

The main culprit in the scenario is the mobile. We spend hours of time in texting and talking over phone. We also follow a bend position while texting which is not at all a Lifestyle Prescription. It is the core reason of shoulder, neck and back pain.

Health Issues:

Youngsters, between the age group of 19-30 faces the issue of headache and numbness due to excessive use of mobile. They are also found not following Healthy Living. So they land up with  pain in arm, hands, elbows and wrists due to the same reason.

Day by day, the Internet and mobile users are increasing. The unhealthy practice of over using the technology is going to shorten your lifespan. The frequent forward flexion and continuous sitting in a bad posture can cause harm to cervical spine, supporting ligaments, curve,  tendons and musculature, as well as to the bony segments.

It has been seen that the excessive use of smart phones causes shortening of the neck muscles. Try to follow Positive Living approach. The unhealthy practice can be the reason of  can sagging skin, marionette lines, double chin and dropping lows.

It is the high time now. Pay some attention to the matter. Allow the healthy habits to your home. put some effort and change your lifestyle.

Follow a healthy diet accompanied with healthy lifestyle formula.

Coming to the Diet Prescription, eat all types of fresh fruits and vegetables essential for proper functioning of body. If your body lacks any type of vitamin,  it can be obtained from the outside sources like supplements. You can easily get it in the form of multivitamin tablets, however now you can also available the same in powdered form as well.