Leavy.co are an innovative travel community. They also have their own marketplace. They have worked hard to try and raise over $14 million so that they can seed their lifestyle app while also helping millennials and locals to travel for a way more affordable price. Dutch investor- the famous Prime Ventures have led what is thought to be the biggest seed funding round to ever hit the tech market. They have had some level of participation from Dominique Vidal. He is a partner at Index Ventures who has worked with some of the biggest European and US investors around.

The Majority of Income

When you look at sites such as NetBet, you will soon see that they have experienced a huge level of success in recent years and they are also able to serve people across the world. The main reason for this is because they met a consumer need. This is what Leavy.co are trying to do. When you look at those who are aged between 18 and 34, you will see that they spend most of their income on rent. They are also making new choices in terms of mobility too. They are travelling to see family and friends, residing in more than one city and even changing up their travel options. When you combine this with the fact that technology has advanced, you will soon see that there is a missed opportunity here. This is one of the many reasons why the company Leavy.co are choosing to seize the moment and create travel solutions that appeal to the social media generation.



The company Leavy.co actually believe that this vicious cycle can be broken down and that it can also reinvent the way that millennials travel. Leavy.co give people the chance to earn cash in various ways. They can leave their apartment and begin their getaway with guaranteed cash and it doesn’t matter if the apartment is booked or not. The host on demand section means that other local members will take care of them, with the homes being listed for city explorers. Members can also be rewarded in travel credit if they so please. This is done through Leavy Coins. They can invite their friends to join and even inspire others with their own tips and recommendations. They can also post their favourite snaps on the App Feed section.


It’s important to know that travel doesn’t always mean darting off to the Canary Islands for two weeks. It ultimately comes down to visiting family when you study abroad or even spending time in a new city for a few days. Leavy are trying to cater to this audience. The start-up was founded after the CEO of the company, Aziza Chaouachi, who used to be a law student, came to the conclusion that she should rent her flat in Paris on AirBNB. The main reason why she did this is because it would fund the cost of her train tickets. She relied on the neighbours to make sure that the people who had her home had a great stay.